Last week, I rather shamefully took the crown with a score of 7,180 on Downhill Bowling. This week, you’ve got a chance, because I’m typing from a laptop and have to use a damn trackpad.

This week, we’ve got the resoundingly topical Sock and Awe. Chuck shoes at President Bush, get dragged out, get beaten in jail. Well, the first of those three, anyway. I managed a paltry 5 hits before getting ‘removed’ from the room. You can do better than that. Click here, and then let us know what you got in the comments below.

Sock and Awe

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AT&T responds to Pearl Jam censorship charges: "Not me guv"

PearlJam3.jpgYou might remember our story yesterday about Pearl Jam complaining that their anti George Bush comments were censored from a webcast of last weekend’s Lollapalooza festival in the US. Well, AT&T, who hosted the webcast, has now denied direct responsibility.

George Bush cook-book goes on eBay

It's the Bush Family Cook-book, to be accurate, containing all manner of recipes loved by the infamous US clan (no, humble pie isn't in there…). This particular copy has been signed by George Bush Sr and his wife Barbara Bush,…