Hauppauge reveals the pMP – portable media player and Freeview receiver


Hauppauge Digital, stalwart in its insistence that computers and TV watching should be merged in blissful unison, has revealed its latest attempt at the PMP market. The imaginatively named Hauppauge pMP sports a 3.5″, 320×240 display and is designed to sync up with any Vista or Media Center PC. It measures in at 12 x 7.8 x 2 cm and the rechargeable Lithium battery should give you around four hours of playback.

IFA 07: LG DVR Pause and Play TV and PC users

lg_lcd_dvr_range.jpgFor those of you into your pause and play TV, LG also had new 160GB DVRs with dual digital tuners on display. Each will naturally allow you to watch one program while recording another. They’ve got Freeview Playback Certification from the UK’s Digital TV group, so you can record subtitles and closed captions, in addition to video and audio, as well as intelligently schedule recording times in case a TV programme over-runs.