Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker lets you play with your food


If you’re a member of the same demographic group as me then chances are you remember the jingle from the old TV advert for Mr Frosty, an ice-lolly maker aimed at kids. Despite bold claims about Mr Frosty being both fun, and having the ability to make treats for everyone, you probably never owned one as your parents were too stingy to buy it for you.

Well I’ve got some good news for you. Not only were your parents acting in your best interest after all (the reviews on Amazon all suggest Mr Frosty was actually rubbish), but in case you’ve forgotten, you’re now a young, urbane professional with a disposable income, putting this sort of tat well within reach – and all it has taken was a 15 year wait. The even better news is that technology has progressed even further since you were a kid: why bother making ice cubes when you can make ice cream with the Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker?

Cook at the table with the Electrolux adaptable cooking grill


If there’s one thing I like when entertaining at home, it’s getting guests to do as much of the work as possible. That’s why this adaptable cooking grill from Electrolux is so great.

It features a variety of ceramic hot plates which food can be fried on directly, or pots placed on for boiling. That way your dinner guests can cook things the way they like and only have themselves to blame if it’s under or overcooked…

A computer that was once a barbecue – if only it still was


As you can probably tell from the picture, this rather odd computer is made out of a barbecue. There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of point to the venture – the barbecue no longer functions in the traditional manner, so it’s not like the user can play GTA whilst attending to the sausages. That would actually be a rather useful device – hardcore gamers probably miss out on hundreds of meals a year whilst halfway through a game, so it would be rather useful if they could ‘game and grill’ simultaneously…

SensorFreshQ says "SAUSAGES NO GOOD"

sensor_freshq.jpgDon’t laugh, this could save your life – or at least save you from a day of sitting on the toilet after eating that chicken you found in the fridge.

The SensorFreshQ analyses the gaseous emissions of the bacteria that’s scoffing your meat, calculating if it’s going to make you a bit icky tonight or not. It generates results in green (fine), yellow (OK, but test it out on a relative/partner first)…