A computer that was once a barbecue – if only it still was

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barbecue_computer.jpgAs you can probably tell from the picture, this rather odd computer is made out of a barbecue. There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of point to the venture – the barbecue no longer functions in the traditional manner, so it’s not like the user can play GTA whilst attending to the sausages. That would actually be a rather useful device – hardcore gamers probably miss out on hundreds of meals a year whilst halfway through a game, so it would be rather useful if they could ‘game and grill’ simultaneously.

Perhaps things could get more advanced, so that the better the gamer was doing, the warmer the barbecue would get, and the faster the food would cook. So a 9-0 win on Pro Evo and your sausages are done in five minutes – but get thrashed and you’ll have to wait half an hour. The ‘you only get food if you win’ tactic is a good way to get better at a game – how do you think Wayne Rooney became such a great footballer?

The grill-like appearance is maintained by the glowing parts in the computer, which ironically are actually fans. That’s about it – it’s a rather wacky idea but the designer seems to have finished as soon as the one idea was reality. There’s no fake sausage joystick, or a controller that looks like a burger, which would make it much more pleasing.

(via dvice)

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