F400 Share competition – give Samsung your hard work for free


It’s interesting to see how the different phone brands are going about keeping up with the Jobs’s as computers become mobiles and mobiles computers. Whereas Nokia has decided to go down the gaming route with N-Gage, it seems Samsung has decided that music will be their thing and has announced a competition to go with the launch of their F400 handset.

The idea behind F400 Share is that unsigned bands are encouraged to upload one of their tracks to the Samsung website where they can be listen to and voted on the public…

MWC 2008: Samsung's possible F480, G400 flip and F400 handsets

Stories are flying thick and fast across the blogging networks about Samsung possibly announcing more than a dozen new handsets this week at MWC. Until they’re officially confirmed, we’ll just show you a couple that are the most impressive – the F480, G400 flip and F400.

If you’re looking at the F480 on the left there, and thinking it looks familiar, you’d be right, as it’s basically the Armani-branded handset from 2007, minus the actual Armani branding. At 11.5mm thick and with a 2.8″, 240 x 320 touchscreen, it also adopts…