Friend afflicted with the Red Ring of Death disease? Buy 'em a condolence card on Etsy

Gary has been busy skiving, err, sorry, scouring Etsy for homemade goodies over at Xboxer, and uncovered this condolence card for unfortunate souls plagued with the Red Ring of Death virus. You’d think once the situation got this bad, where people started making bloody cards expressing their sorrow over the 360s breaking down, Microsoft would wake up and realise something might indeed be wrong with the machines they’re shipping.

But noooo. Owners are still reporting their Xbox 360s are facing the same problems since launch, and Microsoft are still taking an age to send the refurbished RRoD machines out in replacement. It…

Cute Moo Minicard holders at Etsy

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t adore Moo Minicards, those little bite-sized business cards you can customise yourself with your Flickr photos. They’re an online phenomena, and the company has even started offering Moo stickers you can customise as well.

There is one problem however – due to their odd shape, they don’t fit in normal business card holders, and often get lost easily when rattling around loose in your handbag. I still keep mine in the plastic boxes they come in…