Dell and Microsoft launch (PRODUCT) RED branded products

dell_product_red_laptop.jpgDell and Microsoft have announced that they’ve partnered and joined the (PRODUCT) RED initiative which sees companies donating a portion of the sale price of products to the Global Fund.

Dell products in the scheme include the XPS M1330 (PRODUCT) RED laptop — featuring high-definition 13.3-inch display, full-sized keyboard, built-in Wi-Fi and optional mobile broadband wireless — and the XPS M1530 (PRODUCT) RED — a 15.4-inch laptop loaded with features like built-in webcam and fingerprint reader. The laptops feature vibrant red colouring and accents.

Bill Gates to potentially save world with $10m donation to new telescope

Large_Synoptic_Survey_Telescope.jpgEveryone’s favourite billionaire is slightly poorer today (or next Wednesday, when the cheque clears), thanks to donating $10m to help build a massive new space-observing telescope.

The $400m telescope, being built in Chile, presumably because of all the cheap labour (or clear mountain skies to look through), will monitor the entire sky once every three days…