Twice as many Brits email on the iPhone than any other smartphone


Stats from Comscore have revealed that 75% of UK iPhone users access their email on their phone – more than double the average for smartphones. The news kicks dirt in the eyes of critics who don’t like the onscreen keyboard.

60% of iPhone users accessed news on their device, compared to 15% for mobile phone users, and 37% of iPhoners have downloaded a game, compared to just 5.6% of regular smartphone owners.

Lastly, some demographics. 75% of iPhone owners are male, and most are between 18 and 44. That’s not too different to other smartphone owners, 65% of whom are male. Comscore cautions those who are calling it the next big thing, though – only 2% of British mobile phone owners have an iPhone.

(via Macworld)

Internet population hits one billion, or 15% of world population


Internet stat-tracker ComScore has just announced that it reckons that world internet usage topped 1 billion in December 2008, 14.9% of the estimated population of the world in July 08. Asia-Pacific, including China, sent the most users, followed by Europe, followed by North America. However, the USA comes second in the ranking by country, with the UK in fifth.

Interestingly the stats don’t include access from public computers, like Internet Cafes, or access from mobile phones. In reality, therefore, the figure’s likely to be considerably higher. 77% of the world uses Google to search, which is a massive figure, and Wikipedia is fifth in the most-viewed-websites list, with 27% of the world visiting it. Facebook sits in seventh.

Press Release (via TheNextWeb)

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Facebook has surpassed MySpace, now the world's most popular social networking site


Yesterday we reported that Facebook is close to overtaking Windows Live Messenger as being the UK’s most popular website, in regards to minutes spent on the site. More data is trickling in through the wires, including some very impressive news, that it has also overtaken MySpace – and is now officially the largest social networking site in the world!

April 2008 was when the good book managed to topple MySpace off its pedestal, as you can see they’ve been increasing in traffic the past 12 months, whereas MySpace has been rather static. The red and blue…