Facebook has surpassed MySpace, now the world's most popular social networking site

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Yesterday we reported that Facebook is close to overtaking Windows Live Messenger as being the UK’s most popular website, in regards to minutes spent on the site. More data is trickling in through the wires, including some very impressive news, that it has also overtaken MySpace – and is now officially the largest social networking site in the world!

April 2008 was when the good book managed to topple MySpace off its pedestal, as you can see they’ve been increasing in traffic the past 12 months, whereas MySpace has been rather static. The red and blue dots colliding on the graph above shows that both sites are reeling in a massive 115 million unique users each month.

In the US however, MySpace still reigns as king of the networks, with 72 million uniques a month, whereas Facebook has just 36 million. Worldwide, of course, it’s a different story, with Facebook proving more popular in the UK.

Next week MySpace launches a new design, so perhaps they can gain some ground on Facebook’s rather minimal look then?

(via TechCrunch)

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