The Sims DJ available for iPods and nanos – more strategy than songs

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sims-dj.jpgElectronic Arts has released a new title for their The Sims dynasty designed for iPods and supposedly with music-lovers in mind.

The Sims DJ has more to do with strategy and puzzle gameplay than its name suggests and the fact that it runs on 3rd generation iPod nanos, 5th generation iPods and iPod classics too.

The idea is that you have to use your fancy finger skills to keep those on the disco dancefloor happy, be they anything from the R&B to World Music persuasion, and sometimes even change their music tastes altogether. The most interactive feature is that you can actually buy tracks from your PMP’s library in record shops in the game – not for real money of course – and use them to wow the crowds.


The screenshots look quite fun and for Sims fanatics it’ll certainly while away the hours of your commute. It’s available from the iTunes store for $5 but I’d take a look at the excellent and comprehensive review on iLounge for the full picture of what it’s all about.

Sims DJ (via iLounge)

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