Turn your iPhone into a scanner


When’s the last time you used a scanner?

For me, the answer’s probably “years ago”. It’s something that’s completely exited my life, for some reason. Probably because I just don’t seem to ever get stuff on paper any more. Not stuff that needs to be on my PC, anyway.

Well, an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati, Kyle A Koch, has come up with a big cardboard construct that can be used to scan stuff in using your iPhone. You’ll also need some decent light, and the picture quality won’t even approach ‘medium’, but hey – you never know when it could come in handy.

(via Likecool)

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Thingiverse – share your digital designs for physical objects

This morning, while investigating a rather awesome-looking steampunk laptop stand, I came across the brilliance that is Thingiverse. It’s a site that allows you to share your designs and plans for the building of real-world physical objects. The idea is that you can use digital cutters and fabricators to cut out the object relatively easily, and voila – a new.. er.. thing.

The best bit about Thingiverse is that it uses Creative Commons licenses, and encourages people to use them. Combined with a recently-added ‘derivatives’ function, it’s incredibly easy to create designs based on other people’s work, or improve existing objects. The steampunk laptop stand was a regular laptop stand before someone added the gear design.

Thingiverse is a great site if you’re remotely interested in making things in the physical world. Although it’s a little clunky at the egdes, there’s tonnes of potential, especially as the tools for easily making the objects on the site become cheaper. If you’ve invented a revolutionary new coathanger, then head over to Thingiverse and tell people about it.

Thingiverse (via Likecool)

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