Slot your PSP into a cardboard arcade cabinet


cardardcade1.jpgWhy? Why not? Anything to break up the humdrum of another mid-table season on Football Manager Handheld (if I could just get a decent holding midfielder, I’d be challenging for honours, really).

Suck UK has made a flat-pack gizmo that folds out into a mini arcade cabinet, into which you can slide your PSP. It won’t go on sale until September though, allowing a generation of kids brought up on Blue Peter to make their own out of a few cereal boxes, a Fairy Liquid bottle and a smelly piece of old string.

Suck UK PSP Mini Arcade (via Geekologie)

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One thought on “Slot your PSP into a cardboard arcade cabinet

  • Ha ha a novelty but cool anyway, don’t suppose it’ll work with the slim version though!!!

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