Now Blu-ray is going 3D

There has been awful lot written about 3DTV over the last year or so. You may remember that Sky has been hyping the new format promising that it will have the same kind of imp0acta as HDTV and that the BBC has been experimenting with the format.

Well the 3D format received a major shot in the arm today with the news that the Blu-Ray Disc Association is backing the format.

Blu-ray Disc Association makes wild claims of 2.7 million players sold, forgets 74% of figure are PS3 sales

PS3-Blu-ray-sales.jpgI do feel a bit sad for perking my ears up every time I see the words ‘Blu-ray’ and ‘HD DVD’ mentioned in the same breath. There’s nothing I love more than a good ol’ fashioned format war.

Whilst the HD DVD camp is actually fairly transparent with their sales statistics (recently claiming to have sold 750,000 players), the Blu-ray Disc Association has always been cagey, never actually releasing figures on actual players sold.

The story being bandied about the playground today is that 2.7 million Blu-ray Disc players have been sold in the US so far, but of those 2.7 million? Yep, most of them are just PS3 sales…