Blog of the week: Fuck You, Penguin


Do you know an animal that needs a good talking to? Fuck You Penguin does just that. Quoting from the strapline, it’s “A blog where I tell cute animals what’s what.”

There’s quite a bit of swearing, but it’s wonderful to see someone so apoplectic with rage at the concept of a beaver wearing a shirt, or calling Mooses dorky. My favourite though? That’ll be this one.

Fuck You, Penguin (via @laurent_fintoni)

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Midori-san – the world's highest-profile blogging houseplant


A company called KAYAC has developed a kind of “botanical interface” that allows plants to speak and emote with us little humans. And, as is any sentient life form’s right, the plant has now started up a blog to air its inner angst.

Midori, as the plant is known in the Japanese blog-o-sphere, has an auto-generated blog which can be found here. It’s in Japanese, so won’t make much sense, but should you have an understanding of the squiggly language you’ll be able to read Midori’s feelings…

Ministry of Sound still going – launching Ibiza-themed blog, social network and live music portal


Although dance music has turned from something good into a series of abysmal high-pitched reworkings of old songs sung by horrendous blonde slappers, nightclub “lifestyle” chain Ministry of Sound is still going. We really thought it had closed in about 1998.

But not only is MoS still going, it’s expanding – opening up a new web presence based entirely around the goings on and party scene of Ibiza. It is, of course, a social network, offering live TV presented by attractive ladies, blogging…

Weak bloggers cave in to Metallica's new album non-review demands


This story’s a bit of a mess. We know some UK bloggers were invited to listen to an “unmixed” demo of the new Metallica album and weren’t required to sign any non-disclosure agreements or stick to an embargo regarding what they heard.

Which meant they could all, quite legally, tell the world all about it on their blogs.

So sites like The Quietus ran with reviews (cached version here) – only to get told to take them down shortly afterwards. This has, predictably enough, turned into a mammoth Metallica HATE-FEST with everyone blaming the put-upon band for trying to break the internet again…

Katherine Hannaford is…glad that Facebook is abolishing 'is' from status updates

facebooklogo250-thumb2.jpgI’d say 99% of Facebook users reading this line will have all seen the many groups on the social-networking site, calling for the abolishment of the word ‘is’ from status updates. Heck, some of you, like me, would’ve actually joined those groups.

Just like the groups which called for Cadbury Wispas to be brought back into production, the power…

Get yerself your very own sound with Soundbadge, and rejoice in your uniqueness

With this opening statement on Soundbadge’s home page, ‘You’ve got a MySpace profile, an Open ID, a Gravatar, tons of indie badges. Anything missing? Yep: Your sound badge’, you can tell right away your indie-cred will rocket. You won’t even need to deliberately dirty your new Converse trainers anymore!

It takes about two minutes to create a Soundbadge, by choosing between ‘classic hip hop’, ‘latest electro’, or ‘good old country’. Once that’s out of the way, answer a few quick questions about your personality…