Video: Child climbs into claw machine – child climbs out of claw machine

We saw before what happens when a kid gets stuck in a claw grabber machine but the major mystery was how on Earth the little tyke got in there in the first place. Here today to answer that question is a young lady from the other side of the pond who doesn’t really seem to be fazed by the prospect of being smothered by a thousand Beanie Baby knock offs. – Watch more free videos

Xbox 360 price cut – £159.99 in the UK from Friday


Crikey, that is cheap. Cheaper than the Wii and nearly half what Sony’s charging for a PlayStation3.

Of course, the new £159 refers to the entry level “Arcade” Xbox 360, which doesn’t come with a hard drive. But it does, fortunately, come with a 256MB memory card, so you’re still able to save your games. And a wireless controller. So you can play them…

Whack it! Whack it good! (With the Desktop Arcade Challenge, not Devo)

USB-whack-it.jpgThis USB desktop version of the ancient What It game is probably intended as a fun way to pass the time away whilst at your desk, but for me, I’m envisioning taking out my rage at pages not loading fast enough and my favourite blogs not being updated enough, BOP! BOP! BOP! TAKE THAT! POW!

I can feel the rage seeping away already. The aim of the game is dead-easy, you just have to whack the coloured ‘moles’ (or Jelly Baby heads, as I call them) on the head as they light up, with the pace of the game progressing faster and faster in either a 30 or 60 second limit. Powered…

The Dreamcade 2.0 Cocktail arcade machine will send you back to the '80s

dream-arcade.jpgConsidering most homes have more than three people living in them, I can foresee a huge amount of arguments breaking out over this three-sided Dreamcade 2.0 Cocktail arcade game.

Relive your ‘yoof with 145 old-skool games built-in, from Asteroids to Pac-Man, and even add your own games and music with the jukbox software. The monitor measures 21-inches and will set punters back…