Lookit, lookit! Pictures of new mazes for Pac-Man World Championship on Xbox 360 Live


We wouldn’t normally devote so much time and energy (ok, minutes that could be best used reading about Larry David splitting with his wife, and googling whether he likes brunette technology bloggers or not) to writing about the Pac-Man World Championship game which became available on Xbox 360’s Live Arcade this morn, but frankly – it’s Pac-Man! How could we not?! We’d be betraying our childhood memories if we didn’t give you a glimpse at some of the new mazes available.

As confirmed yesterday, there’s heaps of new mazes available on the new game, in high-def graphics, and ohmygoodness they are purdy. Look below the jump for photos which will blow your mind away. The colours! The transparency of the walls! Hop to it, Xboxers, it’s only 800 points away.


Xbox Live Arcade

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Katherine Hannaford
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