Daily Tech Hotlinks for 05-May-2007: Mobile phones, Pac-Man, Microsoft, 24, Japan


– Us Brits are a wasteful bunch, with 855,000 mobile phones being dropped into the toilet each year. Yes, our tariff plans really are shit.
– Today in NYC at the Pac-Man World Championships, Microsoft are due to announce something ‘big’ and ‘Pac-Man-related’. Probably a 360 Live Pac-Man rehash or something, sigh.
– The average Brit spends 34.4 hours on the internet each month, followed by the Swedes and Spanish. Believe it or not, the world’s most obese country, the US, was next.
– Proving you can never mess with Jack Bauer, a 24-year-old Chicago man has been sentenced with three years in jail for uploading episodes of 24 illegally.
– In further ‘shocking’ news, the Nintendo DS sold the most units last month in Japan, followed by the Wii, then the PSP, PS3 and Xbox 360 sliding in last.

Katherine Hannaford