More images of Rachel and Kiki


Rachel, Kiki, say hi to the Tech Digest readers. Everyone, that’s Rachel on the the left in the black. Remember, you guys met the other day. That’s right, she’s the upgrade of the Sony Ericsson Xperia only with a 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, Android OS and 8.1-megapixel camera. Charmed, I’m sure.

And Rachel’s friend in the black there, that’s Kiki. Now, Kiki’s a little more shy. She hasn’t told us too much about her but her unique dress with the screen you can view from both sides and intriguing looking lack of buttons are sure to raise an eyebrow.

Now, they’ve brought along some more from their portfolios today for us to have a look at and Rachel’s even got a little video of the OS that SE seems to be building to put ontop of Android. Have a good look and I’m sure you’ll agree we’re looking at two models with glittering careers ahead of them.



HTC Hero to come in either QWERTY or soft keyboard?


Would you like that in QWERTY or touchscreen, sir? That could well be the question you hear when HTC launches the Hero on 24th June. The image here is a dead ringer for the Magic with a hard keyboard strap-on but apparently goes by the handle of the HTC Lancaster. I rather like the sound of that.

Now, it could be that it turns out to be a totally different phone to the Hero, as the name would suggest, but the rumours are that it’s the same creature just with the QWERTY and the decision will be yours as to which version you go for.

The only other dubious piece of news is that it looks like the Hero will come with the TouchFLO 3D UI in front of the Android OS. Seems a bit of a shame to cover it up but then the ‘droid desktop isn’t the world’s prettiest. We shall see.

(via Tech Radar)

HTC Magic Android phone – SHINY VIDEO REVIEW


Let’s start with the easy part. The HTC Magic is a great phone. Android is bloody ace and I don’t suppose there was much of a chance of the handset makers mucking this one up after doing such a good job of implementing the OS on the G1. What they have done is made the thing a lot prettier at the expense of the hard keyboard.

Slightly sad to lose the traditional finger tapper initially but you get into the touch typing very quick. Cupcake’s a welcome addition to the experience with all the video goodness it brings and the paid for apps but there are still a couple of niggles. I’ll let Zara explain.

The thing is, you can get picky about these issues – and essentially it’s my job to do so – but there’s nothing really wrong with this handset. Don’t rely on it as your main camera but, other than, that I’d give it Dan’s big Tech Digest thumbs up. You can grab it from £30 per month on Voda through the link below. Enjoy, and happy browsing.

HTC Magic on Vodafone