Female players now make up about 40% of the MMO population


How convenient. Just yesterday, I was railing against stereotypes of virtual world inhabitants. Today, out pops a survey stating that those stereotypes couldn’t be further off the mark. Players of EverQuest II were recruited in game and asked to fill out a web-based questionnaire.

The findings? Most of the “hardcore” players are female, gamers are healthier than average, and game-playing is becoming a more social activity. Some other interesting results came out – the rate of bisexuality among female players is five times the national average, and whereas male players’ goal was often to “win” and complete things, female gamers were more interested in the social aspects of the hobby.

Just as computing, and console gaming are now seen as gender-neutral activities, so will MMOs and virtual worlds be in the coming years. In the meantime, don’t necessarily expect that massive orc warrior in your dungeon to be a bloke.

(via BBC)

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Samsung stretches out its OLED display technology to a whole 40 inches


The OLED tech war is raging in the laboratories of companies across the planet right now, and here’s what Samsung’s boffins have managed to come up with – a 40″ OLED TV.

Massively superior to its past OLED test developments, this latest model features a stunning contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 – and manages to pull off the full HD spec 1920×1080 resolution, or 1080p to give it its common name. It’s pretty much a finished OLED telly, although Samsung has not revealed any launch date plans…

£40? For a camcorder? What, are Disgo nuts?!

Hang on, hang on. A video camera for less than £40? And it hasn’t fallen off the back of a truck? How on earth!?

It’s true, and you’ll be able to pick one up this weekend on the high street. Aimed, as most products are these days, at the YouTube generation, it’s a pocket-sized digital video camcorder which weighs no more than a mobile phone. Powered by two AA batteries, it’s simple to use, with only three buttons for one-touch recording…