Connect2Earth: Nokia and the WWF's environmental YouTube


Environmental charity the WWF has teamed up with Nokia on a new website called Connect2Earth, which aims to put young people’s Web 2.0 skills to work on saving the planet. It’s not due to launch until February next year, but I got a sneak preview at the Nokia World show this week, and got the lowdown from the WWF’s online outreach manager David Coles.

Nokia's hottest three new mobile concept technologies


Nokia showed off some new concept tech at its Nokia World show this week, with three standing out in particular. They’re called Click to find, Point & Find, and Interaction via Gaze (that last one’s more a description than a product title, to be honest).

Nokia World Roundup: Our posts so far from the show

nokia-world.pngIt’s been a hectic two days so far in Amsterdam, zipping between talky sessions and hands-on demos at the Nokia World 2007 show. There’s plenty more posts to come, but now’s a good time to round up some of the highlights so far.

Wired Magazine’s Chris Anderson gave a thought-provoking preview of his next big theory, while the big news story was Nokia’s announcement of its Comes with Music subscription service (with further details supplied by partner Universal Music Group).

Hands on with Nokia's new Internet Radio application


Earlier this week, Nokia announced its Nokia Internet Radio application, which lets you stream online radio stations to your handset, over 3G, Wi-Fi or even GPRS. Since it’s on show at the Nokia World exhibition for the first time, I took the chance to have a go, and put some questions to Saket Gupta, program manager in Nokia’s Nseries Hear New team.

Get set for the cameraphone-enabled Internet Of Things


Next up speaking in the More Vision session at Nokia World is Dr Gaetano Borriello from the University of Washington. His session is called the Internet Of Things, but he’s focusing on using a cameraphone to overlay information onto the real world, as seen through your mobile screen.

Liveblog: Wired's Chris Anderson explains his new 'Free' theory

chris-anderson-freeExciting stuff at Nokia World, with Wired head honcho Chris Anderson taking to the stage for his keynote, entitled ‘Free’. It’s his new Big Idea following up the long tail, and he’s giving us a preview of it, in advance of a book due out next year. Liveblog follows, in chronological order.

Universal Music Group gives more details on Nokia's 'Comes With Music' service

nokia-world.pngThe talk of today’s Nokia World Show is ‘Comes With Music’, the freshly announced partnership between Nokia and Universal Music Group, which will be a subscription based music download service.

Rob Wells, senior vice president for digital at UMG, got up on stage this afternoon to explain the thinking behind the deal, and gave some more details.

Get yourself a 3D mobile secretary


One of the more eyecatching mobile applications on show at Nokia World today is called Mobile Secretary, from Chinese firm InterGrafx. It’s basically a 3D avatar that acts as your virtual secretary, residing on your phone.