Football Manager 2009 review (PC)


The words “Championship” and “Manager”, placed adjacently, have long been enough to induce both wistfulness and fear in my mind. I was a teenage Championship Manager addict, see, and entirely blame my slightly disappointing A-Level results on my former habit.

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Ipod-nano-4GB-silver.gifLike it or not, these days mobile phones can be seen as so much more than just communication devices. And like all things, there’s a lot of choice out there. How do you decide what kind of phone to go for? Design? Ease of use? Or is price the most important factor?

HDTV UK's Guide to the Ultimate High Definition Home Cinema Experience – Part Three: High definition disc players

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In the third of this six part series on creating the ultimate high definition home cinema system, we look at high definition disc players

When it comes to watching high definition content, particularly movies, there’s a paradox.

Theoretically, the easiest and cheapest method is to invest in a high definition disc player (HD DVD, Blu-ray, or HD VMD) and buy high definition discs.

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You can’t buy style, although dozens of paunchy millionaires bulging out of their catwalk slacks would disagree (as would all the people they pay to agree with them).