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You can’t buy style, although dozens of paunchy millionaires bulging out of their catwalk slacks would disagree (as would all the people they pay to agree with them).

But high-class notebooks are the exceptions that prove the rule. Processing grunt is one thing, but if you want to be proud opening your laptop on the train, design is just as important.

Sony’s VAIO TZ12MN/N notebook fulfills both requirements. It’s got plenty of processing power, with up to 1.20 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor technology, 2GB of RAM and a 100GB hard drive nestling inside.

But it also looks super-stylish, available in a luxurious choice of Platinum Sand or Black Carbon-Fibre colour, with an 11.1-inch widescreen display that serves up natural-looking pictures.

You’ll have plenty of time to show off to your fellow commuters too, thanks to the TZ12’s up to seven hours of battery life. Starting from £1,749 including VAT, it’s a laptop fit for the most style-conscious – at a price that won’t hurt your (designer) wallet.

Sony VAIO TZ12

Stuart Waterman
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  • ^^ Ten bucks Fred’s an iFanboy.

    This laptop looks like an Apple laptop. Why? Because Sony have copied it? No. Because Sony designed the MacBook, after even Apple themselves didn’t want Jonathan Ive to give them another Fisher-Price coloured toilet seat.

  • “But it also looks super-stylish”

    Is Stevie Wonder doing a guest turn as a reviewer?

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