Sureflap the microchip cat flap protects your pussy's entrance

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sureflap.jpgI think my cat gets to eat about 40 percent of the food that is placed in her bowl, thanks to the neighbourhood moggies who barge their way into my parents’ gaff and steal her biscuits. Of course humans rarely challenge cats about such matters. Why? Because cats are CUTE, and humans are WEAK.

However even the cutest of kitties will be barred from entry when faced with Sureflap. That’s because, thanks to marvellous modern RFID technology, each Sureflap grants entry only to cats recognised by the device.

Now, the part that might put off pet-owners is the fact that Sureflap depends on a microchip being injected into the pet in question. However, as the Cats Protection website states, this is a painless procedure which can help to recover lost cats – indeed it’s a route recommended by the RSPCA.

Once your feline is tagged, it’s just a case of installing Sureflap and getting it to recognise your cat’s unique ID number. If you’re a crazy cat lady living with an army of moggies you’ll be comforted to know that each Sureflap can accomodate 32 ID numbers, meaning you can add all of your cats. For those with more than 32 cats, I’d politely suggest you have more pressing psychological problems which require addressing.

Sureflap is magnetised to ensure that the flap closes quickly after a cat passes through it, and runs on batteries (unlike other exisiting microchip cat flaps) so there are no wires waiting to trip you up or ensnare your pet.

It retails for £79.99, and details of where to buy one can be found at Meanwhile, if you’re unsure as to how to fit a catflap, well, that’s what Videojug is for.

Stuart Waterman
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