eBay Nutcase of the Week: Anyone paying $100 for one of yesterday's Barack Obama-themed newspapers

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new-york-times-obama-edition-cover.jpgYesterday’s American newspapers, all of which carried various combinations of the words “Obama” and “wins” and “change” on their covers, are selling on eBay for vast sums today thanks to the whole incredible level of excitement surrounding the election of America’s first ever president.

Copies of the New York Times, pictured left, which led with the simple headline “Obama,” are currently fetching around $100 each on eBay, despite the NYT hurriedly printing an extra 75,000 copies to meet demand on the day as desperate punters tried to grab themselves a piece of history.

The Chicago Sun-Times is currently blowing its own trumpet, saying it boosted its usual print run from 250,000 to 500,000 – and expects to turn a nice profit selling back orders for $10 each – less than the $20 eBay Nutcases(TM) are paying for a copy online.

And OBAMA FEVER even spread as far as London, with Tech Digest’s Duncan Geere, speaking exclusively to me some moments ago, saying “I had an inordinate amount of difficulty picking up a copy of The Times yesterday in London after work,” adding “probably for the same reasons.”

So if you’ve got yesterday’s Times lying about, try whacking it on eBay for some fevered ex-pat Yank to buy. You should make a profit, especially if it’s a mint example without the easy bits of the crossword filled in.

(Via Press Gazette)

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Gary Cutlack
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