Brillband voted fastest broadband provider 2024 at Broadband Genie Awards


  • Customers of the challenger broadband provider, Brillband, receive the fastest average speeds in the UK.
  • Brillband has been crowned this year’s Fastest Broadband Provider in the annual Broadband Genie Awards, with users receiving average download speeds of 523Mb. 
  • The research includes over 400,000 speed tests and looks at 86 broadband providers in the UK and the average download speeds recorded by customers.
  • 13% of customers in the UK receive speeds below 10Mb and 2% record speeds lower than 2Mb.
  • Full results can be found in available through the 2024 Broadband Genie Awards

Brillband has earned the title of Fastest Broadband Provider in 2024 at the Broadband Genie Awards.

Analysis of more than 400,000 speed tests gives the most accurate insights into the speeds that people are receiving in real-time in their homes.

Customers of the Glasgow-based internet provider recorded an average download speed of 523Mb, over 100Mb faster than the runner-up, Fibrecast. To put it into context, users could download Margot Robbie’s box office hit, Barbie, in one and a half minutes.

Brillband currently offers a speedy, 900Mb broadband package, delivered through the CityFibre broadband network.

Fibrecast customers are receiving average speeds of 403Mb, while third-place Gigabit Networks average out at 375Mb. The study found that across all broadband providers, UK customers receive an average download speed of 172Mb.

UK favourites, TalkTalk, Plusnet, Sky, BT and Vodafone all finish in the bottom half of the study, suggesting that many customers are either facing unreliable speeds or choosing deals that don’t offer the fastest speeds. All of these providers use the Openreach broadband network, which now covers 42% of the country with full fibre broadband.

Virgin Media is the fastest widely available provider in the UK. The telecoms giant customers average download speeds of 201Mb, which places it 35th in the study. 13% of users in the study were found to be receiving speeds below 10Mb and 2% are recording speeds less than 2Mb, meaning customers would have no hope of streaming Netflix or Disney Plus on the most basic settings.

Duncan Di Biase, Founder and CEO at internet service provider, Brillband, comments: 

“At Brillband we set out to become the most loved broadband provider in the UK. We place the customer at the core of everything we do. We have developed and leveraged leading-edge technologies to deliver the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, but more importantly, we use this technology to deliver our customers support in under 30 seconds. Brillband can currently service 3 million homes in the UK, but we won’t stop until we can service every single one.”

Alex Tofts, broadband expert at Broadband Genie, comments:

“Congratulations to Brillband for an outstanding performance across the last year. If you’re lucky enough to receive Brillband’s full fibre broadband, it offers a future-proof service, capable of handling the most demanding of digital requirements. You also have the benefit of having an unlimited refer-a-friend scheme.

“Overall, the results show a positive outlook for broadband customers across the UK. However, the most popular broadband providers such as TalkTalk, Plusnet, Sky, and BT are still having a hard time when it comes to signing up people to their full fibre products, which suggests that price could be a big obstacle.”

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