Samsung Galaxy Ring helps you cook up AI meal plans, Apple to maximise iPhone display with ultra-thin bezels


As we get closer to the full launch of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, we’re slowly learning more about its many talents – and some fresh rumors suggest these could include planning meals to improve your diet. According to the Korean site Chosun Biz (via GSMArena), Samsung plans to integrate the Galaxy Ring with its new Samsung Food app, launched in August 2023.  Samsung calls this app an “AI-powered food and recipe platform”, as it can whip up tailored meal plans and even give you step-by-step guides to making specific dishes. Tech Radar 

Renault’s chief executive on Tuesday said that European policymakers should take inspiration from China as they look to boost the region’s automotive industry in an increasingly tough landscape. In a report signed by Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo, the auto industry was described as a “pillar of the European economy” that was “facing an onslaught of electric vehicles from China.” It comes after numerous auto firms — both within and outside of Europe — said that competition from China was among their biggest challenges. CNBC

Microsoft has announced British Artificial Intelligence pioneer Mustafa Suleyman will lead its newly-formed division, Microsoft AI. Mr Suleyman currently heads start-up Inflection AI, but is best known for co-founding AI firm DeepMind. It was one of the UK’s best known AI firms and was bought by Google in 2014. Mr Suleyman’s move cements Microsoft’s reputation as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), a field in which Google is appearing to struggle. In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Mr Suleyman said he was “excited” to take up his new position. BBC 

A “secret” composer who has released music under hundreds of different names has been identified as Sweden’s most-listened-to artist on Spotify – pulling in more plays than Britney Spears or Abba. Johan Röhr, a Stockholm-based musician, has been unmasked as the person behind more than 650 different artists on the streaming service who have been played 15bn times, making him Sweden’s current most-played artist. The Guardian 

AI doomster Elon Musk appears to have changed his tune on the technology, claiming the pros of advancing the tech ultimately outweigh the cons. Musk was speaking publicly for the first time at an artificial intelligence summit Tuesday, a little less than a week after the billionaire fired Don Lemon. The maverick tech mogul — who previously called AI the ‘most destructive force in history’ — maintained there was still ‘some chance that it will end humanity.’ But his projections were less gloomy than usual. Daily Mail

It is a sinking feeling familiar to thousands of remote workers. At 9am, a calendar invitation lands in your inbox from the HR department with a link to a video call. It can only mean one thing…All there is to do now is put on a brave face, think about updating your CV – and start filming. A growing number of white-collar employees, particularly Gen Z workers who have spent much of their careers working from home, are covertly recording themselves being made redundant, and uploading the footage to social media apps such as TikTok. Telegraph 

iPhone 16 Pro Sizes Feature
Apple plans to maximize the display size on the upcoming iPhone 16 series by using a new ultra-thin bezel technology, claims a new report out of Korea. According to Sisa Journal, Apple will use Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology to minimize the bezel at the bottom of the display. BRS achieves this by rolling up the internal copper wiring into a more compact package. Apple reportedly plans to apply the borderless display technology to all four iPhone 16 models, which are due to be released in the second half of this year. MacRumors 

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