AirCar tech sold to Chinese firm, 8 million UK jobs ‘to be lost to AI’

flying car
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The tech behind a flying car, originally developed and successfully test-flown in Europe, has been bought by a Chinese firm. Powered by a BMW engine and normal fuel, the AirCar flew for 35 minutes between two Slovakian airports in 2021, using runways for take-off and landing. It took just over two minutes to transform from a car into an aircraft. Now vehicles made based on its design will be used within a “specific geographical region” of China. Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company, headquartered in Cangzhou, has purchased exclusive rights to manufacture and use AirCar aircraft inside an undisclosed area. BBC 

Almost 8 million UK jobs could be lost to artificial intelligence in a “jobs apocalypse”, according to a report warning that women, younger workers and those on lower wages are at most risk from automation. The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said that entry level, part-time and administrative jobs were most exposed to being replaced by AI under a “worst-case scenario” for the rollout of new technologies in the next three to five years. The thinktank warned that the UK was facing a “sliding doors” moment as growing numbers of companies adopt generative AI technologies – which can read and create text, data and software code – to automate everyday workplace tasks. The Guardian 

Sony usually unveils its flagship Xperia 1 series smartphones around the second quarter of every year. This year’s Xperia 1 VI, aka Xperia 1 mark 6 is expected to be announced in the next few months. Ahead of the launch, some interesting leaks about the device have come to light.

Sony Xperia 1 V

Tipster Zackbuks previously mentioned that the Xperia 1 VI will feature a 2K display with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, a departure from its 21:9 aspect ratio 4K display. For those unaware, Sony provided this high-resolution tall display on its flagships to match the widescreen format used in many movies, making for an immersive viewing experience. Gizmochina 

Exercising at least twice a week significantly cuts the risk of insomnia, according to a study. It found people who worked out regularly were 42% less likely to have trouble getting to sleep and 22% less likely to report any insomnia symptoms. Those who keep up exercise long term were found to be 55% more likely to be normal sleepers – getting six to eight hours – than people who weren’t active. The study, published in the BMJ Open journal, also found consistent exercisers were about a third (29%) less likely to be short sleepers (under six hours per night). Sky News 

Excitement surrounding the PlayStation 5 Pro is already starting to dwindle, as industry professionals deem it unnecessary. It’s been rumoured for a while now that Sony plans on releasing an enhanced version of the PlayStation 5 called the PlayStation 5 Pro. Unfortunately Sony’s next console is already off to a rough start, as several game developers have reportedly confessed that they’re not impressed with the console, and are unsure why it exists in the first place. Gaming Bible

Philips Hue parent company Signify today announced an expanded relationship with Samsung, bringing the Philips Hue Sync TV app to additional countries, adding a Music Mode, and introducing a monthly subscription option.

samsung philips hue sync
As of last year, Samsung TV owners have been able to download a Philips Hue Sync app that allows Samsung smart TVs to be linked to HomeKit-connected Hue bulbs and lighting products. With the integration, content played on Samsung TVs is synced to the lighting in the room. When the feature launched, it was priced at $130 for Samsung TV owners, but starting this spring, there will be a lower-priced subscription option. Mac Rumors 

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