Meta to tackle AI fraud in EU elections, electric Renault 5 makes debut


Facebook and Instagram owner Meta
says it will form a team to tackle deceptive artificial intelligence (AI) content in the upcoming EU elections in June. It is concerned by how generative AI – tech which can fake videos, images and audio – might be used to trick voters. It comes on the same day Home Secretary James Cleverly told the Times some people will use AI-generated fakes to try to influence a general election.  But an industry expert said the plans could be seen as “lacking teeth”. The BBC has asked Meta if it has such plans for upcoming UK and US elections. BBC 

A project to power Britain using solar farms thousands of miles away in the Sahara is moving a step closer to fruition as its backers prepare to commission the world’s biggest cable-laying ship. The 700ft vessel will lay four parallel cables linking solar and wind farms spread across the desert in Morocco with a substation in Alverdiscott, a tiny village near the coast of north Devon. Once completed, the scheme is expected to deliver about 3.6 gigawatts of electricity to the UK’s national grid – equating to about 8pc of total power demand. Telegraph 

A man has claimed that he used AI technology to bag hundreds of free McDonald’s meals. 22-year-old Gage – a self-proclaimed ‘millionaire’ businessman – revealed on a podcast that for months he’s been using ChatGPT to claim freebies from the fast food chain. But how? Gage, who co-hosts All Things The Podcast, explained that the first thing he does is ‘steal receipts from tills or tables’ and then uses their unique code to fill in the McDonald’s feedback survey. Then, he uses AI to make fake complaints, claiming he’s had a ‘horrible experience‘ at the chain. Unilad

This one’s been a long time coming. It’s Renault’s all-new 5 E-Tech Electric, and the one you see pictured really is the production model. The new Renault 5 EV has made its debut at the 2024 Geneva motor show (one of the very few new models being revealed at this year’s show), with sales imminently opening up for many markets across Europe – as well as the UK. After spending some time with the car ahead of its reveal, talking to designers and engineers, we’ve got the full debrief on the official production model of the new Renault 5 EV right here. Let’s get started, shall we? Car 

Bad search results for the query “Annie Lennox first band” were among the reasons Apple rejected an approach from Microsoft to use the Bing search engine as the default in its Safari browser – and also discarded the idea of a joint venture to make Bing better or even the chance to buy the search engine outright. Those claims surfaced last Friday in a filing [PDF] from Google in its antitrust case against the US government. The Register 

Elon Musk has shared a new video on Saturday featuring Optimus, the robot Tesla has been working on since 2021. But anyone who tries to watch the video will immediately notice something weird. The clip of Optimus is so low quality and pixelated that it looks like it was shot on a flip-phone from two decades ago. The new video was posted in the early morning hours of Saturday and has been viewed over 35 million times as of this writing. But the video appears to show Optimus just walking around without doing much of anything. Gizmodo 


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