Top 10 most anticipated EVs for US customers – VW’s ID.Buzz tops list

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The VW ID.Buzz, which is now available in the UK and Europe, is the most anticipated EV of 2024, research shows
  • Volkswagen ID. Buzz leads the 2024 most anticipated EVs with a massive 507.9M searches.
  • Ford Explorer, with 4.8M searchesranks second and has nearly 100 times less search volume than Volkswagen ID. Buzz. 
  • The Porsche Macan electric SUV is the most expensive car on the list at $121K and with 733K searches.
Automotive industry experts at have recently compiled a list of the most anticipated EVs of 2024. Google search data is used to collect and analyze the top ten most searched electric vehicle models anticipated for 2024.
Additionally, the study shows how many people are searching for each vehicle, their prices, and how popular they are.
Volkswagen ID. Buzz is the EV everyone’s looking forward to in 2024, with 507.9 million searches and a $40,000 price tag. This electric version of the classic VW camper van is at the top of search lists, drawing interest for terms like “vw id buzz price,” “new Volkswagen bus,” “vw electric van,” and more.
Ford Explorer grabs the second position with 4.8 million searches, 100 times less than Volkswagen ID. Buzz. The electric version of this classic model comes with a price of $36,760, making it the second most affordable car on the list, further securing its popularity.
Hyundai KONA takes the third spot on the list of the most anticipated EVs of 2024, with an impressive search volume of 3.1M. The car has a starting price of  $24,100 which also makes it the most affordable car on the list. 
Securing the fourth position on the list is the Acura ZDX, with 2.1M searches. This luxury electric model has a $60,000 price tag and is one of the more expensive models. Arriving in 2024, the ZDX will be the first all-electric Acura.
Claiming the fifth spot, just behind Acura, is the Kia EV9 with 2M searches. This model recently won the SUV of the Year award and costs $56,395, showing that Kia aims to provide affordable EVs.
Volkswagen ID.7, ranking sixth, is the second car of the brand in the list and has gathered 1,3M searches. This model is priced at $50,000 and is one of the most affordable EVs in the market. This model is a completely new addition for Volkswagen and is set to hit the roads in the second half of 2024.
Volvo EX90, ranks seventh, with 782K searchesHaving a $77,990 price tag, the car is one of the most expensive models on the list. The EX90 represents a completely new model for Volvo and will be the brand’s top vehicle upon its release in 2024.
The Porsche Macan electric SUV holds the eighth spot with 733K searches, being the most expensive car on the list at $121K. The brand’s first all-electric SUV is expected to set new standards for automakers.
The Polestar 3 grabs the ninth spot on the list with 696K searches. Priced at $83,900, it’s the second most expensive car on the list after the Macan and is the brand’s first all-electric SUV.
Rounding out the top ten most anticipated EVs in 2024 is the Rivian R1S, scoring 503K searches. Priced at $79,800, it’s on the higher side, going head-to-head with the Tesla Model X, especially when it comes to its off-roading capacity.

Rerev’s findings summed up: 

EV Model
Search Volume
Volkswagen ID. Buzz
Ford Explorer
Hyundai KONA
Acura ZDX
Kia EV9
Volkswagen ID.7
Volvo EX90
Porsche Macan SUV
Polestar 3
Rivian R1S
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