How Are Game Creators Balancing Technology with Classic Gameplay?


The arrival of exciting new technology has led to some big changes in the way play much-loved games. However, these changes have led to the question of how creators are managing to balance the fast-moving world of new technology without losing sight of the classic gameplay that people still look for. 

Online Casinos Provide a Variety of Games

We can see one of the biggest changes in entertainment by looking at online casinos. Games that were once low-tech with just a spinning wheel or deck of cards are now carried out online with complex random number generators ensuring that the outcome remains completely unpredictable at all times.

The balance between new technology and classic gameplay can be clearly seen by looking at fun online slot machine games. They remain simple games of chance where the aim is to get a set of matching symbols across the reels. However, the latest releases add variety by including features like those seen on Megaways, Fortune Play, and Jackpot King versions.

Using AI to Make Board Games Easier to Play and More Interactive

Artificial intelligence (AI) may eventually change how we play our favourite board games, but this needs to be done gradually to avoid alienating players. Some board game manufacturers have started to introduce AI as part of their game creation process and to make the rules clearer. They might also consider this as a way of generating new characters and settings but need to be careful not to take away from the simple pleasure of playing these games manually.

Augmented reality (AR) can also be used as a way of bringing a simple tabletop game like Catan to life without affecting the gameplay. The Tilt Five AR version of this game uses a special controller so players can feel that they’re really on the island looking for those valuable resources and building their cities, but it doesn’t alter the gameplay unnecessarily. 

Other games use technology to understand where players are on the board and react accordingly. The Teburu digital board game platform devised by Xplored is to be used in a variety of games, with rumours of an interactive Dungeons & Dragons game after Hasbro teamed up with them. This technology means that the game can produce appropriate noises and effects depending on what happens.


The Benefits and Risks of Making Simple Games More Complex

The biggest risk for game creators is that they could turn players away if they make their gameplay too complex. Yet, the possibilities opened up by AI and AR may prove to be too much for them to overlook. This is a way of making games more realistic and immersive, but some players may find the technology confusing or pine for the simpler gameplay they enjoyed in the past.

Current technology is too good to ignore, so game creators are going to face some difficult decisions. The right balance probably can’t be found in every genre but the most obvious solution appears to be that game developers may produce alternative versions with the latest technology while making retro-style variants available at the same time. 

Tech Digest Correspondent