EE launches new digital platform bundling broadband, gaming and TV offers


EE has announced an ambitious new digital platform for UK consumers based around an ‘EE ID’. It will offer
new products, including 1.6GBps broadband connectivity (with work and gaming options) where available as well as priority gaming services. 

Through the digital platform, customers can access products and services from a wide range of tech companies from across the world, all in one place, claims EE. Powered by EE ID – a digital identity that anyone can sign up to regardless of whether they are an EE customer – the new platform can be accessed via the EE App as well as online.

From the 19th October, customers can access EE Full Fibre 1.6Gbps, billed as the most advanced broadband offering yet that delivers the fastest speeds and reliability of any major provider in the UK.

Following an exclusive partnership agreement with Cambridge-based developers, Netduma, EE is also introducing a new service called ‘WiFi Enhancer’, that will allow customers to boost their home connectivity by prioritising their online traffic using ‘game mode’ and ‘work mode’.

EE is also introducing new WiFi Controls, allowing customers to take control of all the connectivity in their homes and get the most out of their Wi-Fi.  Finally, EE Broadband customers will be able to unlock mobile savings for their whole household.

This includes for the first time unlimited data SIMs on flexible 30-day subscriptions from just £10. This new offering gives EE Broadband customers the opportunity to experience the best mobile and broadband networks together for incomparable value, the company claims. 

The new EE brand will launch with the biggest marketing campaign since EE launched in 2012. Following extensive customer research, new EE’s marketing approach will focus on four customer needs: Game; Home; Learn; and Work – with a revamped products and services portfolio marketed under these four key areas.

The nationwide campaign will lead with three separate TV adverts and launches on Friday 20th October. 

Says Marc Allera, CEO of EE:

 “Today we’re incredibly proud to be launching a new platform for the UK, open to anyone and everyone – that will transform our customers’ experience beyond connectivity. 

“With an EE ID, customers nationwide will be able to access a wide range of exciting new products, services and experiences across new sectors – easily and conveniently, in one place. We are also evolving the EE brand, while at the same time doubling down on great new connected products, with the launch of the fastest broadband, best value convergence, and exciting new TV services.”

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Editor’s opinion:

EE has a bold plan to become a one-stop shop for those who want entertainment – including TV, music and – in particular – gaming. But will it work? Who wants to sign up to yet another digital platform, involving more usernames and passwords even if you don’t have to be an EE customer to do so?

Much will depend on the exclusive offers you can get, particularly for gamers. Certainly, there were several interesting tidbits of information announced at the EE launch in Marble Arch, London, and attended by Tech Digest.

Highlight was the launch of a 1.6GBps broadband service for those who have full fibre in their area (still only around half of homes). There was even a new feature where you can toggle between gaming and work modes to optimise your broadband connection. Marketing gimmick or genuinely useful? We’ll wait and see.

Chris Price
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