Tech Digest daily roundup: Crash Tesla in ‘full self-driving mode’, report says


The driver of a 2021 Tesla Model S told California authorities the vehicle was in “full self-driving mode” when the technology malfunctioned, causing an eight-vehicle crash on the San Francisco Bay bridge last month. The crash on Thanksgiving Day resulted in two juveniles being transported to hospital and led to lengthy delays on the bridge. The incident was made public in a police report on Wednesday. It is the latest in a series of accidents blamed on Tesla technology. The electric automaker’s chief executive, Elon Musk, has heavily promoted “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) software, sold as $15,000 add-on to Tesla vehicles, but it faces legal, regulatory and public scrutiny. Guardian

Amazon could be held responsible for advertising ‘fake’ red-soled shoes which potentially breach designer Christian Louboutin’s EU trademark. Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) said Amazon may be accountable for any trademark infringement. Louboutin said the platform’s selling model was “misleading the public”. Amazon says it will study the decision.The preliminary ruling by the Luxembourg-based court clears the way for Amazon to potentially be held liable for adverts for any counterfeit products sold on its site. BBC 

Well, it’s bad. LastPass has lost a copy of customers’ encrypted password data to a hacker, who recently breached the company’s systems.  The hacker looted the password data by copying a “backup of customer vault data” from an encrypted storage container during the intrusion, LastPass said on Thursday.  The company supplied the update three weeks after LastPass announced it had suffered a breach that led to the hacker stealing customer information. At the time, it remained unclear what user data was ensnared, but now LastPass is revealing that the breach is about as bad as it can get. The stolen vault data contained “fully-encrypted sensitive fields such as website usernames and passwords, secure notes, and form-filled data,” along with unencrypted website URLs. PC

Sky customers who are still using old SD-only TV boxes, can now upgrade to Sky Q free of charge. Otherwise, they’ll eventually lose access to all BBC TV channels. In 2023, the BBC is starting to finally roll-out BBC One’s local news in HD across the country and on all devices. In light of that, the BBC will start a gradual, multi-phased process of removing the SD versions of all their channels from both Freesat and Sky. When these changes were first announced, the BBC said it was working closely with Sky on future plans, for those customers who are still using older Sky boxes that don’t support HD programming at all. Cordbusters 

The disgraced cryptocurrency tycoon Sam Bankman-Fried has been released on a $250m (£208m) bond package as he awaits fraud charges, the biggest pretrial bond in history. The bond was signed by his parents, who agreed to keep him under house arrest at their home in Palo Alto, California while he awaits trial. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have accused him of stealing billions of dollars of customer’s money to plug losses at his hedge fund, Alameda Research. Sky News 

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