Tech Digest daily roundup: Could Facebook smart sunglasses be used for secret recording?


Facebook has come under pressure over its video-recording sunglasses after tests of the eyewear found that people struggled to see a warning light informing them they were being filmed. The social network has attempted to succeed where both Google and Snapchat have so far failed in convincing people to don the high-tech glasses, which can record clips and take photos. A collaboration between the social networking giant and Ray-Ban, the device is designed to look as much like a regular pair of sunglasses as possible and has only a small camera lens embedded in the frame. Early reviewers discovered that a single white light designed to turn on when the glasses are recording 30-second video clips was difficult to detect, with many subjects unaware they were being filmed. Telegraph 

Twitter is working on labels to identify accounts that are run by bots. The social network is testing the feature with a limited number of people in a bid to help people spot “good bots from spammy ones”. Those invited to try the feature will have a label attached to their profile, as well as detailing who it is automated by. “Examples of automated accounts you might see on Twitter include bots that help you find vaccine appointments and disaster early warning systems,” the firm said. Yahoo!


It’s been almost a year since people first saw the Playstation 5 in action in their homes. In that time some have been frustrated by how difficult it is to actually buy one. Others have also questioned the lack of genuine next-generation games available exclusively on the PS5. Sony tried to address one of these concerns with their big 2021 showcase. The idea – to turn fan frustration into excitement for what games are to come. So what did we learn during the 45 minute event? BBC

Toyota announced that it is investing over $13 billion in EV batteries as it is trying to catch up after falling behind in electrification. In the meantime, the Japanese automaker has led lobbying efforts to slow broader EV adoption. Toyota has yet to launch a battery-powered electric vehicle outside of China. Executives for the automaker have often downplayed all-electric vehicles, and instead they have promoted hybrids and fuel cell hydrogen vehicles. Electrek

Researchers have completed a comprehensive online map of the world’s coral reefs by using more than 2 million satellite images from across the globe. The Allen Coral Atlas, named after late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, will act as a reference for reef conservation, marine planning and coral science as researchers try to save these fragile ecosystems that are being lost to climate change. The group announced completion of the atlas Wednesday and said it is the first global, high-resolution map of its kind. AP News

Tougher penalties are being considered for nuisance calls and text messages. Persistent cookie warnings on websites may also be curbed. The measures are being considered as part of a 10-week consultation on what the government calls the “UK’s data landscape”, while the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is set for an overhaul. At present, the ICO can fine firms sending nuisance communications up to £500,000. But ministers would like to align it with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has a top penalty of £17.5 million or 4% of annual global turnover. Sky News

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