How AI helps online casinos to plan their bonus offers


Online casinos distribute generous bonuses among their customers but never suffer losses because of that. From this article, you’ll get to know how AI helps gambling platforms to plan their bonus offers.

Many online casinos distribute generous bonuses among new users. For instance, you can get 10 EUR or 10 USD simply because you create an account on a gambling platform! Nevertheless, casinos never distribute more gifts than they can afford and never suffer losses because of such promotions. Top platforms integrate AI in their workflow to help them better plan their promotional activities. Read this article to get to know how it all works!

Every Offer Is Backed Up with Thorough Calculations

Gone are the times when online casinos relied on simple calculators and the power of the human mind. Today, they employ sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to compile their bonus offers. Gambling platforms normally keep this information behind the scenes, so the general public doesn’t know exactly which software they use. But you can be sure that they meticulously analyze not only their financial operations but also their clients’ behavior patterns.

AI can proactively suggest which no deposit bonus codes 2021 a casino should offer to its users. It can calculate the sum of the bonus, its validity period, wagering coefficient and other terms and conditions. Human professionals need to “explain” to AI which goals they want to achieve. Most likely, they want to meet the following goals.

  • Evoke positive emotions among their users
  • Convince them to deposit real cash
  • Encourage them to spend some time at the gambling platform today and come back tomorrow

The bonus offers that AI comes up with will satisfy all these criteria and will enable the casino to always stay profitable. Below, you’ll find descriptions of the main bonus features that AI helps to analyze and plan.

Players Can’t Withdraw Bonus Money Immediately

Instead, they need to spend it on games and fully wager the sum before withdrawing it. Today, it’s close to impossible to find an online casino bonus without a wager. No-deposit bonuses typically have higher wagers than their deposit counterparts.

A wager is a coefficient that indicates how many times you should play the sum to be allowed to withdraw. For instance, you receive 10 USD as a bonus and its wager is x20. You need to win 10 x 20 = 200 USD to be able to withdraw.

Wagers below x30 are considered reasonable. If your bonus has a wager of x35 or more, you might struggle to win the necessary sum. AI calculates the most reasonable wager for each type of bonus.

Different Games Might Have Different Wagering Contributions

Most often, slots have a 100% contribution, while table and live dealer games have 50% or less. To get to know the exact ratio, you should check the casino’s terms and conditions. If you wager 10 USD with a 50% contribution, you’ll get only 5 USD. Obviously, it would be more reasonable to wager the bonus in slots.

The contribution of games differs because their RTP/house edge ratio is different too. The RTP acronym stands for “return to player”. It’s the ratio of funds that the casino distributes among its clients. House edge is the ratio of funds that the gambling platform leaves for itself. No matter how much customers win, the casino’s house edge should be large enough to keep it profitable.

Each Bonus Is Valid Only for a Limited Period

You might have only a couple of weeks to wager the offer. If you fail to do so, you’ll lose both the bonus and the money that you’ve won thanks to it. AI helps to determine an optimal timeframe for each offer. It should encourage people to gamble actively — and they should realize that they have good odds to win.

You Can’t Put Any Random Sum at Stake

When you receive 10 USD as a no-deposit bonus, you might think “That should last me for a long time! Each time, I’ll put just 1 cent at stake…”. Alas, the terms of the bonus determine the minimum sum of the stake. You’ll run out of money rather quickly and will need to deposit cash to carry on.

There Is a Maximum Withdrawal Limit for Each Bonus

Let’s imagine the situation when the withdrawal limit for your bonus is 300 USD. You play a slot with a progressive jackpot using your bonus funds and you win the maximum prize! You think you’re a millionaire now and don’t need to go to work anymore… But in fact, you’ll be able to withdraw only 300 USD. AI won’t let the casino go bankrupt. So if you dream of hitting a jackpot, you might consider rejecting the bonus and playing with your own money from the onset.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you better understand how online casinos plan their bonus offers. Thanks to AI, they always stay profitable, no matter how generous their promotions are.


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