Is It Good To Have Multiple eBay Accounts For Sellers?

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eBay, one of the biggest online marketplaces on the Internet, allows sellers to create multiple seller accounts. However, you can link two eBay accounts and manage them only as long as it does not stand in violation of eBay’s policy.

As a seller, though, you might wonder if owning two or more eBay accounts can benefit you in any way. One obvious advantage that it brings to the table is scalability, a core aspect of dropshipping business.

In addition, holding multiple eBay accounts can give you an edge in several other ways. Read on to know more about it in detail.

Can Sellers Have Multiple eBay Accounts?

Yes, you can have two or more eBay accounts. But if you choose this option, you must be prepared to deal with both its pros and cons.

A critical condition, according to eBay, for keeping multiple accounts is that you must follow the right user behavior. As long as your multiple accounts do not circumvent eBay’s policies and other aspects, you can both own and manage them.

Each eBay seller account is connected to an email address. Thus, you cannot use the same email address for different eBay seller accounts. You must use a separate email address for each account.

The core aspects of eBay’s policy for multiple seller accounts include the following:

  1. Separate Identification

After opening an eBay seller account, you get a unique seller ID linked to the account. For each account, you need an email address. If you have already used your existing email address for creating an eBay account, you must register another email address to create a new eBay seller account.

  1. No Permission For Cross-referencing

You can only promote a single store from a specific eBay account. You cannot link a second store. Doing so stands in violation of eBay’s stated policy.

However, this aspect does not prevent you from linking multiple products or categories to the same store with your eBay seller account. You have the freedom to add as many products and categories to your eBay seller account as you want.

Many sellers make the fundamental mistake of linking two stores with a single eBay account which puts their account at the risk of suspension. They generally do it to make higher profits with lucrative Black Friday deals on eBay.

  1. One Cannot Use Multiple Accounts As A Remedy For Preventing Suspension

If you are a seller whose account has been suspended, you must wait until the issue with your existing account is resolved. If you create another account in haste, eBay’s resources will identify you. Thereafter, your new account will meet the same fate as the previous one.

You can, however, use another eBay seller account provided that you open it before the suspension of your account. This is one of the reasons why it makes sense to enter the dropshipping business with multiple eBay seller accounts.

  1. Multiple eBay Accounts Lead To A Higher Profit Margin And Other Benefits

With multiple eBay seller accounts, you can achieve higher revenue goals. It helps you maximize your profit margin.

Besides, it also proves to be useful for businesses with multiple product lines. You can use one account for each of them to stay organized. Also, you can track the account data with ease accounts for which you must have multiple eBay accounts.

However, you also need to be careful.

Some sellers feel that they can get away with violations by opening multiple eBay accounts. However, this is just an assumption. It does not happen in reality. Practically, eBay monitors multiple IDs of a specific seller with a high degree of efficiency. So, the chances are that eBay will identify your multiple eBay IDs and suspend them if it finds that they are violating its policies or selling restrictions.

Therefore, working by eBay’s policies and terms and conditions is the best choice for you as a seller after opening multiple eBay accounts.

How Can You Link & Merge Your eBay Accounts?

Following the creation of multiple eBay accounts, merging them is the next task you need to accomplish.

As stated earlier, you cannot use one email address for multiple eBay accounts. But eBay does not place such a restriction for payment information. As such, you can link the same payment information to multiple eBay accounts.

You need to ensure the proper alignment of the inventory of stores linked with two separate eBay accounts to merge them. This needs to be done after each sale. While you can use Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and other such platforms for this purpose, you need to put a lot of effort if you choose to do it manually.

If you edit one of the listings, you also need to make sure that you apply it to the other listings without any change.

On any given day, performing all these tasks on your own can be difficult. But it is a necessary evil as you cannot miss out on making a profit from the dropshipping business, keeping in mind eBay’s impressive growth due to its focus on core businesses.

One smart way to address this challenge is to opt for automation. Better yet, you can choose an application with the multi-syncing feature. This way, you will be able to accomplish more effortlessly without spending a lot of time.


To sum up, creating multiple eBay accounts is a good idea if your dropshipping business has multiple product lines plus a higher target. Both your patience and dedication will determine your success in this initiative. Also, you need to give more time to each store and draw up an effective email marketing strategy for them. Choosing the right platform will go a long way toward helping you meet this goal.




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