Today’s Tech Digest: Pigs play video games, TikTok sale shelved

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Pigs video games
Pigs are highly intelligent animals capable of playing video games, scientists have found, after putting four fun-loving swine to the test. Four pigs – Hamlet, Omelette, Ebony and Ivory – were trained to use an arcade-style joystick to steer an on-screen cursor into walls. Researchers said the fact that the pigs understood the connection between the stick and the game “is no small feat”. Wonder if their favourite game is Animal Crossing? See full story here:

VW and Microsoft are to collaborate on self-driving car software. The German automaker has announced a new partnership with Microsoft to build a dedicated cloud-based platform specifically created for future autonomous car systems. The deal expands on an existing partnership which has seen VW use Microsoft’s automotive cloud to connect its cars since 2018. See story here:

Oracle and Walmart’s plan to buy TikTok’s US operations has reportedly been pushed back indefinitely, as US president, Joe Biden, reviews the previous administration’s efforts to address potential security risks posed by Chinese tech companies. TikTok had been in talks with Walmart and Oracle since September to finalise a deal that would have shifted TikTok’s US assets into a new entity to prevent its total ban on use in the country. See here:

An Amazon-backed electric vehicle maker is scouting potential locations in the UK to build a new factory, it has been reported. Rivian, which produces electric trucks and SUVs, like the one pictured above, is also looking at locations in Germany and Hungry, Bloomberg said on Thursday, citing unnamed sources. Rivian already has an order of 100,000 electric delivery vans from Amazon in the US with production of the vans expected to start later in the year in Illinois. See story here:

United Airlines plans to buy 200 flying electric taxis that it hopes will fly passengers to the airport within the next five years. The US airline is one of the first major carriers to commit to the purchase of flying taxis. United Airlines will also invest in flying taxi firm Archer as part of a $1.1bn (£800m) deal to develop the aircraft. See full story here:

The Microsoft Surface Duo is finally coming to the UK, with the company announcing that its dual-screen device will arrive on Thursday, February 18, 2021. Both Currys PC World and the Microsoft Store will sell it. However, with a price tag of £1,349 this isn’t going to be a handset for everyone. See here:

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