Best Old School Liverpool FC Legends Of All Time


The Reds have had several legendary and important players throughout the club’s history. Some of them even have royal attribution and we’re going to check them out and more on the very popular 22bet bookmaker!

Billy Liddell

Scotsman Billy Liddell is Liverpool’s fourth-highest scorer in history, scoring 228 goals in 534 games, the result of his goal scent and privileged physique, which has made him one of the best left-wingers of his generation. His story in the Reds started at a very young age, back in 1938, at just 16 years old, at the request of Matt Busby.

Despite signing that year, Liddell’s debut would only come eight years later, in 1946, due to the Second World War. A curious fact is that Liddell served in the British Air Force during the conflict.

Liddell, also known as “Liddellpool”, was instrumental in winning the 1947 English Championship, over Arsenal, which took the Reds out of their 24-year fast without being a national champion. This was the Scotsman’s only title created on Anfield Road in the Reds. However, for all its history, symbolism and performance, Liddell is one of Liverpool’s greatest idols.

Graeme Souness

It took just seven years on Anfield Road for Scotsman Graeme Souness to become one of Liverpool’s idols in history. Having spent his time at the club between 1978 and 1984, Souness experienced a magical moment, with numerous achievements under the command of the legendary Bob Paisley.

During this period, the Scotsman helped the Reds to win five national championships, three European cups and four league cups. In other words, it only took seven years for Souness to win 12 titles of great importance.

Souness was one of the great captains in the club’s history, being one of the few to lift the European champion trophy. His main moment with the Liverpool shirt was in 1984, when he scored the winning goal in the League Cup final in a Merseyside Derby. Because he identified quickly with the club and delivered good football and leadership on the pitch, he became one of the greatest in the club’s history.

Ian Callaghan

Ian Callaghan’s career in Liverpool starts, coincidentally, with Billy Liddell’s participation. After retiring, Liddell indicated that there was a 17-year-old boy who could be his successor. It was Callaghan. There, one of the great relations with Liverpool began.

The powerful attack of the Reds, which had Ian St. John and Roger Hunt, had in the 1960s the presence of Callaghan in the right sector. Short and very fast, Callaghan bothered his opponents a lot. He was one of the pillars of legendary coach Bill Shankly’s golden age.

Ian Callaghan is another legend who grew up in the club. He is also the record holder for number of games for Liverpool, with 857 games. During his 18 years in Liverpool, Ian won 19 titles, including five national championships and two UEFA Cups. The Englishman was also part of the 1966 World Cup champion.

Ian Rush

The greatest Welshman of the club ever, Ian Rush could not be left out of this list of Liverpool’s greatest idols. For 16 years, Rush rendered his services to Liverpool as a constant top scorer and one of the most lethal strikers ever to pass Anfield Road. In the meantime, he also formed the legendary attacking duo with Kenny Dalglish.

In addition to the classic moustache, the Welsh striker was known for his incredible goal scent. This puts him to this day as the greatest scorer in Liverpool’s history, with 346 goals. Rush was one of the best teams in the club’s history during the 1980s. At that time, there were several achievements at the highest level of European and national competitions.

Rush may not have been the most technical or the most skilled attacker in charge of attacking the Reds, but it can certainly be said that Ian Rush was the one who knew how to finish the plays. Either way, he did. For defenders, there was constant danger. For Liverpool fans, the certainty that if the ball were left over, Rushie would score. A Red legend.

Kenny Dalglish

With all the merit in the world, Kenny Dalglish is one of the biggest and most revered idols in Liverpool’s history. The Scotsman had significant passages for Liverpool, both as a player and as a coach, which earned him a tribute on Anfield Road, having his name as one of the sectors of the stadium – Kenny Dalglish Stand.

In 1966, Kenny auditioned for Liverpool’s youth academy but failed. Eleven years later, the Scotsman would arrive in Liverpool, after a great spell at Celtic, to make history. There came a time when Kenny Dalglish and Liverpool were confused and seemed just one thing. Kenny’s relationship with the club has always been incredible, especially with the fans close up.

Over 13 years, Kenny scored 172 goals with the Reds’ shirt and won six national championships and three editions of the European Champions Cup (current Champions League). A true legend. In this sense, more than goals, Kenny Dalglish scored more than a generation of Reds fans and placed himself as one of the greatest figures of a player-club relationship in the history of world football.

Kevin Keegan

England’s Kevin Keegan was twice the best player in the world in his career, playing for Hamburg, Germany. But it was on English soil, more precisely in Liverpool, that Kevin Keegan caught the attention of all football fans.

For Liverpool, Keegan was champion several times in that great team Red. He was present in the conquests of the English Championship of 1972/1973, 1975/1976 and 1976/1977. He was also part of the winning squad for the 1976/1977 UEFA Cup, with great participation in goals in that campaign.

Above all, Keegan was a very good player and a complete striker, knowing how to master the roles well, not only pushing for the goal, but also knowing how to create spaces and give play to his teammates. Keegan had a strong relationship with Bill Shankly during his time at Liverpool, which made his symbolism even greater by being linked to the legendary coach.

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