The Ultimate 2021 Digital Marketing Guide for Businesses Struggling Due to COVID-19

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There are no new ways to express the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses. But these effects are far from over. Most companies had to shift the sale of their products and services online. They also had to make several adjustments to their operations and workforce management.

However, many businesses are still struggling to generate adequate revenues to stay afloat. They are receiving very few customer responses and are unable to keep up with the changes in marketing trends. That is why we have compiled this ultimate digital marketing guide for struggling businesses to survive and thrive in 2021.

Existing Digital Marketing Assets

One of the first things you should do is to assess your existing digital marketing assets. You can either do it yourself or hire a company that provides marketing services information. If you have a working website, see whether you can use that. If you can’t, you should make the necessary changes to have a fully functioning website updated with the latest e-commerce technology.

You should also establish a content strategy that will help you to connect with your target customers and offer a personalized experience. If you want to achieve that through your website content, you should create the right goals and personas. We advise you to consider various demographics while analyzing your customer personas.

Most people in the current digital age use their mobile phones to access websites and purchase products/services. Therefore you should either have an optimized website for mobile phones or a web-based application.

A lot of your target customers might be using voice searches on mobile phones or smart speakers. To ensure that your website appears on these searches, use the right keywords, and include an FAQs section.

Social Media Marketing

We understand that marketing budgets might be a constraint for struggling businesses right now. That is why we urge these companies to dedicate more time and resources to social media marketing. Many companies that are surviving during the COVID-19 pandemic use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media avenues to engage with and retain their customers.

Research shows that people spend more time on social media platforms than before the pandemic began, not only for personal use but also to look for new products and brands. That is why social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways to spread brand awareness among potential clients in 2021.

Google Listing and Local SEO

If you have a business that relies on local clients, you should ensure that your business is registered and verified on Google and other local listings. Most people think that Google listings and local SEOs are only essential for brick and mortar stores. However, even if you have shifted to selling your goods and services online, you should keep local listings updated and use local keywords.

It will give you an advantage over competitors from other cities because most people want to support local businesses these days. Moreover, when customers search for your products and services on Google, there is an option for the user to choose nearby companies. You may feel that you will be limiting your business radius, but rest assured that you will penetrate the market deeper in the new year.

Use AI for Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has already started to become dominant in several digital sectors, including marketing. You can use AI tools to collect customer behavior analysis and identify patterns. AI can gather data from social media, reviews, and blog posts to help you understand how customers can look for your products or services online.

That way, you can predict what your target audience wants and adjust your digital marketing strategies accordingly. Many companies have started using chatbots on their business websites. They not only enhance the customer service experience but also gather analytical data on consumer behavior.

Better Availability of Products and Services

Many businesses lost their customers because they struggled to maintain the availability of their products and services.  It could have been due to several reasons. The pandemic disrupted the flow of goods, which resulted in the absence of stock. Or a company might not have been able to offer their services due to disruptions in the workforce.

However, now that things are getting back to normal, it is time to ensure that you maintain the availability of your products and services. It is also essential that you communicate that to new as well as existing customers. So if you have not been collecting the contact information from your customers, it is high time you start doing so.

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed forced digital avenues of businesses to progress by leaps and bounds. But if you want your business to survive and thrive in 2021, you will have to adapt to the new digital methods. We hope that this digital marketing guide helps you build a stronger business presence in the new year and increase your revenues and profits.

Chris Price