Best Gadgets To Give As Gifts In 2020

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At least 186 million adults in the US bought a  gadget for gifting during the 2019 holiday season. According to a study conducted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), 74 percent of the American adult population planned to spend as much as $97.1 billion during the recently concluded holiday. It may include the  gadgets bought for older parents who admitted that they were tech novices who have a hard time figuring out how to use the latest gadgets gifted by their kids. So, if you plan on giving as gifts for birthdays or you are looking for 50 cool gift ideas for geeky gamers in 2020, here are some of the most popular suggestions. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

For people who love to listen to their favorite tunes everywhere, you need to give them a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Recipients of this gift can use it when commuting on the way to work. You may even choose this gift  for your brother who wants to tune out all background noises when doing an important task. There are plenty of noise-cancelling headphones in stores, but you can find an excellent headphone worth $350 or less.

Wireless Charging Pad

Your gift recipient would love to get a wireless charging pad to conveniently charge their devices without the need to touch a cord. You may opt to give them a wireless charger that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. It will allow them to charge their smartphones, smartwatches, or wireless earphones at once. If you plan to give this device to your loved ones, you need to look for one with a fast-charging capacity. Another option that you can give to your friends and family is the wireless charger with a stand that can prop up their phones for an easier view. 

Health And Fitness Tracker

For your health-conscious loved ones, you can give them something to help monitor their fitness goals. A health and fitness tracker fits this description. Look for a tracker that can monitor different health metrics like heart rate and pulse rate. It must also provide information about the wearer’s step count and their quality of sleep. You should also find one that can help the wearer monitor their caloric intake.   
Finding the best gift for the people close to your heart may be a challenge. But choosing a gadget that could make their lives easier would be a good idea. Choose from these gift suggestions to make sure that your recipients will love what you gave them so your efforts will not go to waste. 
Tech Digest Correspondent