Tech Xmas gifts abandoned by older generations


The festive season can be costly at the best of times but matters are made worse when money goes to waste because parents aren’t equipped to use their tech Xmas gifts.

Cyber security company Kaspersky has discovered this is more of a reality than people are prepared to admit on Christmas Day. After saying ‘thank you’, many parents and older family members are simply left dumbfounded about how to get the best out of new tech-related gifts.

One-in-10 (12%) parents who admit to being tech novices say it has taken them more than a month to set up a technology-related present with Kaspersky’s ‘The Rise of Can You Just…’ report showing that without help from friends or younger family members, parents struggle to get the best out of tech and gadgets.

These findings are well supported, as 49% of surveyed parents with children over the age of 16 classify themselves as tech novices. More than a third (35%) of these parents admit to struggling with daily technology challenges without their older children’s support.  

“Technology is an important part of all of our lives and there will have been plenty of gadgets under Christmas tree last month. Unfortunately, many of the people who will have received these gifts will have had little use out of them, but not necessarily because they are disinterested.

“Instead they simply lack the confidence to get their devices up and running. It is a shame that parents are missing out,” comments David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky.

“However, whether it’s the latest smart speaker or a new tablet, manufacturers are making it easier to use gadgets straight out of the box. With a little guidance from a loved one or expert advice, older people can enjoy new products and services as much as their younger counterparts.”


Chris Price
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