Which Casino Tech Trends Should You Be Excited About?

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Casino technology is constantly improving thanks to the cutting edge innovations that are being pursued on a regular basis. If you are a fan of online gambling, here are just a few of the hottest new trends which should pique your interest and get you hyped up for the future of the industry.

Virtual Reality

As the VR headset market continues to enjoy strong growth, a greater number of casino experiences are being developed to take advantage of this immersive, engaging hardware.

Virtual reality is a great option for players who do not want to visit casinos in person, but still want to get a realistic experience of table games like poker and blackjack in their own home.

Of course there is less of a need to adopt these headsets for other types of casino games; in the case of digital slots, you can check out Casumo casino for the latest titles which do not require the added dimension of VR to be enjoyable.

Augmented reality (AR) is following hot on the heels of VR in becoming a top casino tech trend that is undergoing research, development and experimentation at the moment. It affords operators the opportunity to blend the real world with digital elements overlaid via a headset, smartphone or other device, making enhanced gameplay experiences possible.


This is more of a tech trend that casinos are having to adopt to embrace, rather than one which is being integrated from the inside out to engage with players.

Smart watches and other wearables are becoming an increasingly common sight in many settings, and casino operators are understandably nervous about the risk they might post to fair play in a variety of game types.

Completely banning the use of gadgets like the Apple Watch in land based casinos is arguably an overreaction, although it may be a route that some firms choose to take, no matter the consternation it might cause.

Conversely, there has been a swell of support for wearable gadgets amongst online casino operators, with sites and apps supporting this type of tech to allow players to quickly access their favourite games while on the move without having to pull out their full sized smartphones.

With over 140 million smart watches sold in 2018, there will be an ongoing drive to cater to users both in the casino market and more broadly across many other industries.’

Quantum cryptography

So far we have looked at the casino technologies that will influence user-facing aspects of gambling, both in real world locations and online. However, arguably the most exciting development that is occurring at the moment is happening behind the scenes.

Cyber security experts have hailed quantum cryptography as the technology that will provide total protection for an almost limitless number of IT services in the near future. Indeed it is set to become essential precisely because the development of quantum computing will make it much easier for criminals to crack existing cryptographic systems and services.

Casinos are no strangers to security issues, especially in the age of the internet where attackers can attempt to compromise mission critical information remotely, without ever setting foot on-site. This will make them amongst the first to leverage quantum cryptography to ensure that every aspect of their operations is totally shielded against the intervention of malicious third parties.

Taking advantage of the unique properties of the quantum world, this technology should allow for data to be transmitted in a way that is entirely uncrackable. This will not only help for casino games themselves, but also for the transactions carried out by customers.

Each of these technologies will augment the player’s experience in some way, whether they notice it directly or not.

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