Dinner is ready! Amazon adds Alexa Drop In intercom feature to Fire HD tablets

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Amazon has announced an expansion of its Alexa Drop In service – which enables intercom-style communication between Alexa-enabled devices.

Starting on Wednesday, the latest generation of the Fire HD 8 tablet and the 2017 model, as well as the Fire HD 10, will be able to make and receive Drop Ins and Announcements on their tablet.

The feature enables users to instantly connect with Amazon Echo smart speakers and other Alexa-enabled devices for voice or video-based interactions with family and friends via their compatible devices.

The Announcements feature can be used to make one-way intercom or speaker system-like announcements through a home system of Echo devices on the same account – for example announcing to the house that dinner is ready!

Both Drop In and Announcements can be accessed from Echo devices and the Alexa mobile app.

Those wishing to use the new feature will need to enable it on their Fire tablet, Amazon said.

This can be done via the Settings app and the Alexa section, where users will need to turn on the voice assistant as well as “hands-free mode”, and turn on calling and messaging in the Communications section of the app.

Both Drop In and Announcements can then be turned on.

Chris Price
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