Big Mouth Billy Bass is back – this time with Alexa!

Christmas 2018, Gadgets

Looking for a novel Christmas gift for a loved (or maybe not so loved) one? How about this Big Mouth Billy Bass with a 2018 twist – Alexa connectivity!

The animatronic singing prop, made popular in the early 2000s for singing and tapping its tail, is being released again – this time with Alexa compatibility that syncs up with Billy’s lips.

This means that users can ask anything as they would with an ordinary Alexa-enabled device, but Billy will also dance along to music you request too.

Those fond of the original song, “Fishin’ Time”, can choose to play that track as well.

“This is not your father’s Big Mouth Billy Bass,” said Steven Harris, vice president of Gemmy Industries, the makers of Big Mouth Billy Bass.

“Our new high-tech version uses the latest technology from Amazon to deliver a hilarious and interactive gadget that takes everyday activities to a fun new level.”

The Alexa compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass is available to pre-order on Amazon’s US site for $40, but is shipping to other countries for an additional charge.

Amazon’s Alexa toolkit for developers has opened the voice-powered assistant up to a series of alternative devices to the company’s own Echo range, including Facebook’s Portal smart display.

Chris Price
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