Modern Web Design – How To Get A Contemporary Internet Presence

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The Internet is developing continuously and at a rapid pace. Many websites whose designs were considered modern and sophisticated not so long ago already look like they have been developed decades ago. The technical intricacies that characterize modern web design are constantly evolving. However some unchangeable values will always remain

Even though modern websites are an essential component for companies trying toattract the attention of a clearly defined target audience, much still depends on what you are trying to deliver to the specific target group. For this reason, a company’s website should primarily be aimed at their visitors and not at the personal taste of the client.

A good example can be found in the Gambling industry where gears its site around the needs of the horse racing enthusiast. The website doesn’t just focus on lucrative daily bonus offers or free gifts, but also uses a professional and easy-to-navigate website design which shows the information that customers need in a hurry.

In order to stay up to date with your own web presence, you should always turn to an agency that follows current developments with keen interest and immediately makes use of new web standards.

The 10 Most Important Factors Of A Modern Web Design

  1. The website should be compatible with, and display clearly on, all devices. This is also known as “responsive web design”. More and more people are surfing the internet on a mobile phone or tablet instead of from their desk these days.
  2. The website must be readable by everyone. It is important to be able to read the internet comfortably especially for people with physical limitations.
  3. Content (HTML) and design (CSS) should be coded separately. Along with a responsive and barrier-free web design, this will lead to more creative freedom, more flexibility and an increased reach.
  4. The source code and content of the website must be search engine optimized. Most internet users only choose websites that end up on Google’s first page.
  5. Clarity and readability: Most visitors decide within the first few seconds whether they stay on or leave the site.
  6. Usability: Intuitive usability should be achieved through clear navigation structures.
  7. High-quality and up-to-date content that combines marketing with informative added value is a must. Regularly updated content is always appealing and has a positive effect on search engine rankings.
  8. Absolute accuracy to the pixel level is important, otherwise the website will end up looking unprofessional.
  9. There should be no distracting moving images, elaborate animations or automatically starting music when entering the page. For the reader, only the essentials are interesting – everything that distracts from this is annoying.
  10. Links to social media such as Facebook and Twitter are important: Social networks have become a key component of the internet and are an indispensable part of Online-Marketing.

Usability, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Graphic Design

These 3 issues are critical, and only by taking all of them into account, can modern web design create an appealing overall online presentation.

Modern websites with an appropriate amount of well-researched keywords consistently achieve an excellent ranking on Google. The competition never sleeps and neither can you! It should be noted, however, that a high keyword density can have a negative implication, if reader-friendliness suffers. It’s a balancing act.

In terms of graphic design it should also be mentioned that this depends on the website’s niche and target group. For some website owners, a design in the style of the 1950s may make more sense than a futuristic pattern.

In the early days of the Internet, it was considered advanced to entice the visitors with elaborate animations, automatically starting music and moving pictures, as these techniques were new and fascinating. By now, these elements are seen as stale at best, and intrusive at worst.

If you do not work with pixel precision, the website will appear unprofessional. Designing a website in a modern way demands many different competencies, even if you use the best web design company.

The inclusion of social media has become an indispensable aspect of online marketing.

Stay Fresh

In order to continuously present up-to-date information the website should regularly add new content. With a CMS (Content Management System) copywriters can do this easily and in a rapid way. Your readers will love you for it!



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