5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel


In the age of technology, things have become much easier. Finding a
Phoenix real estate agent, locating a cardiologist in Sacramento, connecting with our long-lost relatives in North Dakota, all of these things can be done within seconds.

Travel is something that has become incredibly simple with modern technology, and we can do so more efficiently and with less money than ever before.

Flying is simpler

I almost can’t remember a time where I couldn’t book a flight online. Keeping an eye on airline prices was almost impossible, but now we have the technology to compare costs of different airlines, find the cheapest days to fly or to purchase tickets, and research the difference in price between arrival and departure locations, all in an easy-to-reach chart on the tiny screen on our phone. The skyscanner app is a personal favorite for finding the cheapest flight, hotel, and car rental possible.

Driving is easier

You no longer have to fear getting lost on the open road. With a map application installed in every phone and a GPS in almost every vehicle, it is impossible to get lost. The movie trope of the family road trip where the Dad is too ashamed to stop and ask for directions is completely outdated in today’s society.

But that’s not the only way technology can help us on the road. The ultimate road trip can be easily thwarted by expensive gas prices, but with apps like GasBuddy, we can compare real-time gas prices near us to get the best rate for our car, RV, or rental vehicle.

What about in case of emergency? No need to walk down the side of the highway and flag down someone for help. We can now call AAA from our cell phone in our warm vehicle and wait for assistance.

We can easily find things to do

Part of the adventure is trying new restaurants and seeing new sights, but some like to arrive to a destination extra-prepared. With the world at our fingertips, it is simple to check Yelp reviews, ask our Facebook friends for advice, or read blogs to find the best places to check out on our upcoming vacation.

Roadtrippers is my favorite travel website, where you can map out your route and check out the lesser-known destinations on your journey.

We can pack lighter

Our phone, laptop, and other gadgets have so many capabilities that we are able to pack less and have way more at our fingertips than ever before. Our phones save us from packing cameras, cds, or a gps. With a tablet, we don’t need a portable dvd player or physical books, we have Kindle and Netflix at our fingertips. These versatile pieces of tech let us enjoy the journey without a lugging around a heavy bag.

We can share our adventures with everyone.

One of the best parts about technology is being able to share things with our friends and family. With Facebook and Instagram on our phones, we can share photos of our trip instantly, check into new locations, and let everyone know we made it to our destination safely. We can also Skype or Facetime to let our friends share in the beautiful scenery on our vacation.


Tech Digest Correspondent