The Inexorable Rise of the Enterprise E-Commerce App

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Major smartphone developers such as Apple and Google seem to be churning out dedicated applications by the thousands. In fact, it is estimated that more than 10,000 of these apps enter into the marketplace every month.

This figure has not been lost on enterprise-level organisations, as they are understandably keen to jump on board the digital bandwagon. What benefits do these applications provide? What can we expect to see during the 2019 fiscal year? Are there any features which signal a powerful and dynamic solution for the average business?

In order to better understand the role that mobile phones play within the world of e-commerce, it is first important to examine the answers associated with these questions. 

The Importance of Mobile-Based E-Commerce Widgets 

The concept of mobile-responsive web design first entered into the modern lexicon only a handful of years ago. It is now a foregone conclusion that any business hoping to succeed within the online community needs to embrace a mobile-friendly edge. Part of this strategy involves the creation of bespoke and user-friendly e-commerce applications. What are some of the benefits that these widgets have to offer? 

  • They provide users with instantaneous access to products and services.
  • They serve as an extended form of virtual branding.
  • They strengthen the overall client engagement process.
  • They are more likely to enhance loyalty over time.

The one issue is that developing a bespoke mobile application from scratch can often represent a costly and time-consuming ordeal. Furthermore, lesser-known software packages are often associated with dubious levels of reliability; possibly impacting the image of the company itself.

This is why it is important to choose a firm which is known to provide custom-made enterprise ecommerce platforms without sacrificing quality along the way. What other factors should be present in order for a business to fully leverage the associated benefits? 

Beyond the Smartphone Display 

Although some e-commerce platforms may offer an attractive appearance and a catchy theme, these hardly define what can be considered a reliable service. The graphics displayed on a smartphone screen can often hide a lack of functionality or a system that is unable to meet the needs of the firm in question.

This is why taking a look “behind the scenes” is always a critical step to perform before deciding upon the end product. Some examples which serve to highlight a worthwhile third-party provider include: 

  • Extremely fast servers.
  • Cloud-based redundancy.
  • Robust APIs and fully customisable solutions.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage.

Scalable architecture, pain-free implementation and cross-channel marketing capabilities should also come into play. 

A growing number of individuals are performing online purchases with the help of their smartphones, so it makes perfect sense that dedicated e-commerce applications will take centre stage in terms of revenue generation. Making the right choice from the very beginning to help to ensure that businesses are able to maintain a strong client base while still achieving the necessary virtual exposure.

Tech Digest Correspondent