Trends and movie releases for 2018 – including Solo: A Star Wars Story and Frozen 2!

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We live in a world of forever changing trends that can define our lives way beyond our wildest expectations. Take,  for example, the way that we have embraced technology and how we have adapted it to fit into our everyday lives.

Who would have thought that it would now be so easy to communicate withs someone half the way across the world or even play at a site like where you  can enjoy the thrill of a possible win while chatting with friends and family as well as making new friends?

Not only can we complete a multitude of different tasks, we can also choose to do this when and where want to, thanks to more reliable and faster WiFi connections and portable devices that are quite simply, computers in your hand.

As a result, we can now find the games we want to play wherever and whenever we want, instead of having to get home to fire up a desktop computer.

In fact, 2018 could be a very exciting year for us all as there are a number of cultural breakthroughs and trends on the horizon.

Below are just some examples of what’s set to happen across the world in 2018.

  • In sport we are looking forward to Russia hosting the FIFA World Cup for the very first time, and there will be 32 teams in all (except Italy!)
  • The world population is also expected to reach..wait for it….7,597,175,000. That’s nearly 8 billion people
  • China is due to complete the construction of the largest city in human history. It’s called Jing-Jin-Ji
  • Movie lovers everywhere will be looking forward to the next edition in the Star Wars franchise, Han Solo: A Star Wars movie which is sure to appeal to many
  • Staying with movies, the sequel to Frozen, Frozen 2, as well as all of its spin offs, will appear in 2018.
  • The Avatar sequel is also due, and about time too! Though there are now some doubts as to whether it will make it in time for Christmas 2018.
  • Saudi Arabia is also to introduce its first, nationwide, VAT tax which is bound not to be popular.

We really are moving on a pace but let us just move on a little further. Just imagine it is 2030 where life is extended so much that we could push the average life-span way past 100 years, and how would things will be if trends like AI and robotics makes our current employment obsolete.

You can see our feature about how robots are taking our jobs here.

The world is changing so quickly and it’s definitely exciting times to live in.

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