The 5 best DJ speakers in 2017

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There are many components that make up a successful DJ setup. It is important to have a great set of headphones, efficient mixer, controller, and turntable. While all of these items are crucial to the way a DJ performs at a gig, nothing is more important than a great set of speakers. DJ speaker needs may vary on the situation and the space of the venue. You do not have to lug around heavy equipment at a house party as that would be overkill. There are options on MusicCritic you can check out so you can have an informed decision when getting DJ speakers.

The reason for this is that you can be the best DJ in the world but if nobody can hear your music, your creativity goes to waste. Speakers project your tunes to the crowd and can make or break your show. Because they are imperative to a great gig, we have highlighted 5 of the best DJ speakers on the market in 2017.


Rockville RSG12

This model has been tested and improved from previous models based on consumer feedback. If you are interested in a speaker system with high quality sound and is lightweight enough to be easily transported, the Rockville is a great choice. It offers great power with 1000 watts and is a trusted favorite with music professionals all over the world.

SeismicAudio.jpgSeismic Audio SA-155


If you are an experienced DJ and are looking for a great set of speakers to accompany you while you perform at a bar, wedding, or church, the Seismic Audio is a great choice. With 1000 watts, these speakers will project your tunes far and wide. You will not have to worry about the the crowd not being able to hear as these speakers provide great bass and impressive highs. Each speaker in this set weighs just over 50 pounds which makes it fairly easy to transport to each gig.

Pyle PPHP1249KT

This set of speakers is a great buy as it includes speaker stands, a wired microphone, and a remote control with cables. Of all the speakers on the market right now, this one is considered one of the best value purchases in DJ equipment.

If you are interested in a great speaker system that offers both Bluetooth and Wireless capabilities, the Pyle model PPHP1249KT is a great one to consider.

Pyle PSUFM1035A

Interested in creating your own club in your home? You can do so with this great 2-way speaker system as it includes flashing DJ lights. Those who like to mix tunes with sounds from the FM radio prefer this Pyle model and boast of its versatility.

PylePro PPHP103MU

If you are a DJ who loves to play tunes from your MP3 player or want the option of having SD playback, the Pyle-Pro is a great choice. With 800 powerful watts, this 2-way speaker is great for projecting all types of sound to a crowd. Whether you are playing music or projecting a significant speech, these speakers are a great choice.

Whether you are interested in playing a large gig or you want to create a club-like environment in your basement, you can’t go wrong with any of the speakers in this article.

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