Older generations biggest users of smart home technology, claims new poll

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A OnePoll study conducted by blinds specialist Thomas Sanderson reveals that over a third (35%) of UK adults aged 55+ have integrated smart technology within their homes while less than a fifth (18%) of those aged between 18-34 have chosen to adopt the technology where they live.

The study was commissioned to assess the rate of smart home technology adoption across the nation and determine the effectiveness of the technology within homes.

According to the poll, 40% of Britons claim smart home technology has improved their standard of living, while less than a tenth (8%) of those surveyed say it’s just another technology fad.

Smart Home Age Range.jpgSays Julian Leece, Senior Designer, Thomas Sanderson:

“Smart home technology is definitely here to stay. It’s interesting to see how older generations have adopted smart technology into their home so well.

In particular, it’s clear that this technology has helped people get the most out of their energy usage which is what we strive to achieve.”

Thomas Sanderson commissioned OnePoll to survey 1,000 UK adults across the UK. Respondents were drawn from a representative sample of adults by age, gender and region. The online survey was completed between 20 July and 24 July 2017.

Key findings:

  • Connectivity is key – one in five (21%) Britons with smart home devices have at least 2 rooms integrated with the technology.
  • Smart tech is all about saving money – 40% of those surveyed acquired smart home technology to help them save money on energy – this statement was particularly popular amongst those in older age groups with a third (32%) of Britons over the age of 55 owning a smart thermostat.
    Smart Tech Reasoning Stat.jpg
  • Smart home technology doesn’t seem to impress younger age groups, younger Britons aged 18-24 feel that smart home technology hasn’t improved their standard of living, whereas older generations (55+) feel that it has.
  • Is technology making us lazier? Almost a quarter (24%) of UK adults acquired smart home technology to help automate their home to do simple household tasks.
  • Men are more likely to integrate technology for home security than women with over two thirds of males (64%) investing in smart home security systems. However, overall, women are more likely to invest in smart home technology than men with 52% of females integrating the technology into their home as opposed to only 48% of males.
  • Some are still sceptical about the technology – 43% of those surveyed believe that smart technology is here to stay but won’t be commonplace for the foreseeable future.


Chris Price
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