EE offers a clever solution to terrible smartphone batteries with its “EE Power” scheme

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Everyone knows that modern smartphones have terrible batteries – but what to do about it? Many of us have taken to carrying around an extra battery that can be plugged in via USB for some juice on the go, but what if that runs out too? As it turns out, EE might have your back.


The company has today announced “EE Power” – in which existing “active” EE customers can claim themselves a freebie portable USB charger and when it runs out, you can either charge it up yourself and use it again, or you can take it into any EE shop and swap it for a fresh, fully charged one.

This means that if you live in a big city, like London, then you’re probably never too far away from getting some juice for your phone.

Essentially it sounds a bit like this, but with the critical mass of shops to make it actually useful.

On the tech side, the Power Bars aren’t great – they’re 2600mah in size, so you’ll only get about one extra full charge of your phone out of them, and it takes about 4 hours to charge up again… but hey, you can always swap it for a fully charged one immediately, right?

To claim your “Power Bar”, as EE is calling them, EE customers just have to text “POWER” to 365 and you’ll get sent a unique code. Non-EE customers can also participate by paying £20 in an EE shop.

James O’Malley
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